Performance-Based Accounting

Just how important is your current CPA to you

It’s shocking how often business owners just assume that their current CPA is serving them well.

This seems to come from a feeling of relationship between them and their accountant, trusting then that, if they feel good about the person of their CPA, they must also trust the fact that their CPA is working hard to serve their needs as well as possible. Unfortunately, this very often isn’t the case.

Many times, when a business owner finally allows us to replace their current CPA, we end up showing them just how much was left on the table and was over paid for years and years because of the old CPA’s neglect to stay on top of current accounting issues and guidelines. Their relationship with that CPA had cost them dearly.

We welcome you to schedule an informal review of your current CPA’s work for you. Then you would be able to put a real figure on the cost of your relationship with your current accountant and make an informed decision.

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